Happy November/Halloween blog readers! It is officially November, and I have obtained the mandatory sore throat. But hey ho. Celebrated Halloween this weekend, with a slightly crappy costume. A bit last minute, which is a shame, as I normally go all out with costume parties. But went as gum. As in chewing or bubble. Went all pink and sparkly, with a shoe attached to me. Someone has pictures, will update when I get a hold of some. I just took pictures of everyone else. Went to an insane house party, as you would read about in those horror stories parents show you when you ask to have a party. But even though there must have been over 200 people at some point, they were all extremely well behaved. They even had a bar where all the money went to charity. Went with classmate Jack and his flat crew, and had a great time!

Flat crew. Alien, racoon, sumo, milk carton, hairy beast.

Beam me up, Scotty

Self carved pumpkin!



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